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Creating a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love

Through our mind thoughts, we produce feelings and emotions that create our life experiences.  How we focus these thoughts determines what returns to us though the universe.  We are consciously aware of these thought forms about 10% of the time, which means we are unaware of the 90% of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions that reside in the subconscious.  These subconscious thoughts also send out energy signals to bring back our experiences.

We are vibrational beings, producing an energy field of waves.  These wave patterns are encoded with our life experiences and emotions through our brain wave patterns.  These wave patterns send out signals to the universe, and return to us, the very thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we are having.  As a Mind Whisperer®, I start with your conscious thought, and guide you to find the thought behind the thought, behind the thought…. back to the original thought through your emotions, and change the  feeling associated with the thought to create a different experience.

Thought Form Energy Healing® is a life changing method that brings about instantaneous change by releasing the emotional heavy thought forms that were recorded in the subconscious and blocked in the body, and replace the thought form with a new emotional experinece to a life of happiness, prosperity, and love for you.

Here are some examples of how Thought Form Energy Healing® might assist you:

*Health: Increasing your overall wellness, dis-creating sickness and illness
*Wealth: Creating an abundant mindset, manifesting, and increasing prosperity
*Relationships: Attracting more love in your life, soulmates, family, community
*Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path, and direction in life
*Emotional: Releasing trauma and abuse, self-worth, knowing that you matter

Thought Form Energy Healing adjusts and changes the energy behind our thought forms on a subconscious level to create on purpose a conscious life of happiness, prosperity, and love. Let’s CREATE your new life NOW!

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The Healing Heart Stone

Creating Beautiful Hearts

Every person has a story to share and Dawna assists you in creating your beautiful heart. Her personal life philosophy and approach has always centered on Heart Centered Healing. As Dawna listen’s to each person’s story, she witnesses the energy shift in your heart, inviting a higher energy to come and promote healing within you.

The Healing Heart Stone is the symbol for creating beautiful hearts. Each stone has been attuned to the special healing frequency of 528 and is designed to bring you into alignment with healing. Your personal stone has been infused by Dawna and downloaded to vibrate Universal Love Force Energy.  Dawna also attunes each stone to the frequencies of Health, Wealth, and Relationships to enhance happiness, prosperity, and love in your life. In addition, each stone is uniquely programed to enhance what is needed for you upon touching it.

How you choose to use the Healing Heart Touch Stone is up to you. You might want to mediate with it, some like to keep it their pocket, while others keep near their bedside. The more you use your touch stone, the more you will be infused with the healing energies for you in your life. Your personal Healing Heart Stone is designed to empower, inspire, and uplift you.

The Healing Heart Stone is Dawna’s gift from her heart to yours. To receive your personal Healing Heart Stone, simply register and attend an event or seminar with Dawna.

Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell

The Mind Whisperer®
Thought Form Energy Healer 

Considered a Mind Whisperer, Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love.  Her vision is to transform each person’s individual pain into “silver lining” gifts to create a global impact of healing and creating abundance for all.

Dawna has over 25 years combined years of professional experience.  As a former Financial Advisor, her book, Financially Fit, is a #1 Amazon International Best Seller bringing together the world of money and the energy body, and the souls essence.  “Financially Fit is for the person who wants to align their inner balance to gain infinite prosperity in all areas of their life,” says Dawna Campbell.

Dawna is a professional speaker sharing her techniques during interactive workshops and maintains an international private practice with her Heart Centered Healing approach to “Create it Now”.  She has shared the stage with Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter, and David Meltzer.

Dawna’s educational background includes University Degree’s in both Finance and Marketing and she spent a decade in the Financial Planning arena as a Managing Principal for an Investment Firm.  She lived in an Ashram (spiritual living community) for a year studying the energy body, brain wave patterns, meditation and healing.  In addition, she has studied natural healing with a Medicine Woman, Shamans, Yogic Healers, and Buddhist Monks, as they passed down their gifts.

Dawna has been featured on the Quantum Leap Forum with the LA Tribune, Business Talk Radio, Let’s Create a Better World with Bobby Elias, and had a weekly radio podcast hosted on Mind Body Radio called “Create it Now”.  Dawna was the visionary with the Global Healing Movement and part of The Mentor Studio with Michael Silvers and Mary Glorfield.

Dawna currently resides in Bigfork, Montana, is the President of her company, The Healing Heart, Inc. and has 3 beautiful children.


 “The Universal Love Force Energy is all things. This energy is the healer, love is the energy that heals, and the heart is where we discover it.” 

                                        “Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live”
                                                                                       ~  Dawna Campbell


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