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Private Session Package - 3 Sessions


Clear your emotional blocks in the subconscious holding you back from creating the life you want to live and receive profound vibrational healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Dawna can assist you to getting to the root source and change the energy of the experience to create a new and different experience in life using Thought Form Energy Healing. Dawna will also share any spiritual guidance that she received.

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Private Session Packages

Session Packages receive priority scheduling and needs to be used within 3 months of purchase. Each package gives additional savings for purchasing multiple sessions. Select the package session that best suits you. Payment plans offered through PayPal. Session packages are non-transferrable.

3 Sessions

  • 3 (60 minute) Sessions
  • $1050 - 10% savings = $944

10 Sessions

  • 10 (60 minute) Sessions
  • $3500 - 10% savings = $2780

5 Sessions

  • 5 (60 minute) Sessions
  • $1750 - 10% savings = $1484

Dawna Campbell Client Testimonials

Nathalie Guerin

As a healer, I’m very careful about who I choose to work with (I’m picky) and I often think I can do this alone. And I have a session with Dawna And I’m so grateful. She’s part of my trusted few. I trust her completely. Thank you!!!!


It was in the morning today at four when I was anxious about my health. And I could not sleep and while I was panicky I moved up to my phone and reach to my Messenger and start typing there for help. No rely came to me except from Dawna and she simply told me like my teacher used to tell me , everything will be fine just relax and I will be here waiting for your reply , rest creator has done it already. And right after that time I started feeling better. A big hug and Thank you for your scanning and Give me support and guidance when I needed the most ,someone remain me to clam down. Sometime the faith is the only Key.


I have a hard time concentrating and enjoying life after an unexpected death in my family.  After researching on the internet and reading several books, I found positive thoughts and intentions increased my happiness.  I heard about Dawna Campbell from a friend.  I could not believe how she zoomed with all the work I was doing to a level I never I existed.  I can find peace, joy, and comfort within myself.  I highly Dawna.  –Dhana, Real Estate Agent

Julia Crane

Even as a writer I can scarcely put into words the impact Dawna has had on my life. Dawna helped me clear blocks that I didn’t even know I had. Once they were removed, everything began to flow, my relationships, my self-worth, and even writing became easier. I’m eternally grateful for their wisdom and guidance. –Julia Crane, Author


I found Dawna 4 years ago that started me on my spiritual journey. It totally changed my life for the better. – Doug, Artist


My life has completely transformed. I am comfortable turning to Dawna for help with anything that I need. She is truly a world class healer. – Dan, Filmmaker


Dawna has helped me transform my life, saved my marriage, and helped me create additional income streams working with millionaires and billionaires to impact lives on a global scale – Joanne, Visionary Artist & Life Coach


Working Dawna has helped to stay clean and sober from addiction and has been an important part of my healing journey. – Pamela, Hospitality


I feel blessed I connected with Dawna, her insight, compassion and the wisdom she shared allowed me to develop more Self Awareness which allowed me to change my perspective on how I live my daily life, instead of blame, anger and separation, I shifted to being responsible, feeling joy, love and connection to myself, others and God. Instead of worrying about my future and all the elements in life, I started really enjoying the moment and trusting in my heart that only good things will come my way...and they did...and they still are ! – Nada, Energy healing facilitator


I am forever grateful for being able to take charge of my life, as it was about time I create my own reality. I can’t but also be grateful for Dawna, who guided me through the process and helped me a lot in resolving major issues and blocks in my life. Her dedication, talent and determination were a true inspiration. – Elias, Marketing Director and ThetaHealing Instructor

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By identifying and changing belief systems that prevent me from living the life I desire, in turn creates a change in my physical world. Dawna have been very instrumental in helping me make these changes. New beliefs systems create new positive life experiences. – Jennifer, Mom.


Dawna came into my life when I have uncovered a very weird life issue for which there was no solution in the medical or psychological field. The solution could come only from the Divine. Since then I have witnessed power for various physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. I was dealing with skin allergies and for some reason I first went to a doctor. The antibiotics that the doctor gave me caused drug poisoning and completely messed up each and every organ in my body. Dawna came to my rescue. The care, concern and the large heartedness that I experienced from Dawna, was a much needed blessing. Her knowledge of the various herbs required for various organs has always fascinated me. Dawna is a teacher whose support continues beyond. I highly recommend and respect Dawna. –Seema, Boston, MA

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I learn to be nonjudgmental of myself and others by giving and receiving unconditional love of everything in the universe! It connected me to nature and people in a more profound genuine way. It has lifted me out of the pit of yuck that I see a lot of people stuck in…no judgment! – Richard, Auto Painter, Huckleberry Picker, Healed my heart Dawna!


Dawna has been like sunshine for the seed of my soul and it has been one of the most empowering tools for growing, nurturing and flourishing with the highest good. The more I work with the practice, the stronger my conviction--the human spirit is capable of producing profound miracles! Dawna’s gift in the healing arts is most potent as is her teaching style. Her wisdom and guidance from Source sends chills through me as she gently guides me to my accountability in healing. Her intention consistently leads me to a space of infinite belief and potential of initiating my own magick. I’m so grateful for her amazing insight, patience and assistance throughout my journey. Thank you, Dawna! - In gratitude, Teresa – Writer


. I had an instant healing on my thyroid on December 21, 2015 which brought me to the belief when we believe all things are possible. It has changed every area in my life. I love working with Dawna, she is wonderful - Gloria, Caregiver.


Nothing in my life happens without purpose. I've learned to create life instead of letting me life create me –Rochelle, Yoga Instructor and ThetaHealing Instructor


I CAN CREATE my life! And I really enjoy creating the life that I want with the world! - Lots of love, Tomoko, ThetaHealer

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I have been extremely ill: I could not eat any foods except cauliflower, broccoli and a few other vegetables. None of the medications, remedies or massages weren't working on me. After three sessions with Dawna I was able to start eating some protein and fruit in moderation. The body started to except supplements and other treatments. She healed my heart, soul and helped me to discover true miracles. And it is possible. I feel like I have wings on my back. So much peace, warm, and light. Thank You Dawna!
Alexandra, Ukraine


Seven years ago, I had a job I enjoyed and life was pretty ok, ticking along… one day a friend gifted me a session because she thought I would enjoy it…… Life is awesome; I have grown in every way and looking back. A special thanks to Dawna who helped me kick the Shingles virus, which had been hanging around for 10 years, into touch, and for giving me the confidence to work more and more on physical illnesses. Here’s to the next seven years…and the next! Nicola– ThetaHealing Instructor


I went from feeling a constant low grade fear to feeling relaxed and excited to experience new things. Thank you Dawna for being such intuitive and highly tuned healers. – Ingrid, ThetaHealing Instructor


Dawna has made a drastic, positive impact in the lives of my children and I. It is the fast track to healing, changing limiting beliefs and propelling you into the life you have only dreamed of having. My children and I are living healthier, happier, more positive, purpose filled lives after working with Dawna. I am still in awe at the progress my family has made as a life even greater than I could have imagined is unfolding right before me. individual sessions have opened up a world of possibility for me. If everyone would take the opportunity to take into this healing and knowledge, what a beautiful place this world would be. – Tawnya, Mother and Antique Furniture Artist

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The unconditional love of Creator and the knowledge that no condition, no disease was permanent remained with me for many years. Many years later I faced obstacles and health challenges that doctors were struggling to provide answers to. I found a compassionate and kind healer named Dawna Campbell. Dawna (working with Creator) resolved conditions that had me bedridden for months, and who’s diagnosis has eluded my doctor. I am now recovering from 4 conditions that medical science has no cure for. –Jaimie, Student

Mary Anne

Offering both practical advice and compassionate care, Dawna allowed me to heal my soul, mind, and body, in an accelerated time frame. I learned what was holding me back and how I could release it quickly, moving forward in love without fear. I am amazed how many diseases are caused by resentment and misinformation tied to ancestral lines. Seeing how I could not only heal myself, but also my ancestors, and the Earth, was the most gratifying feeling I could ever imagine. – Mary Anne, Information Technology Consulting


I didn’t believe in Healing but was so down I thought I should give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did. Dawna is amazing! I have never felt better!!! Thank you, thank you! – Korri, ER Nurse


As a trauma therapist, I believe people have the ability to heal, develop a sense of being in charge, and begin to live a life with limited negative effects from trauma with appropriate interventions as support. I am moving through issues that have hindered my happiness throughout my life including that I’m not enough, I’m not worthy of having true love, and believing I am not smart, just to name a few faulty beliefs despite living an accomplished life. Now as I experience negative events that trigger negative beliefs, I learned to cancel these and replace them with beliefs that are in line with Creator. I’m happier than I have ever been in my life and it just gets better. –Lisa, Psychotherapist


Dawna Campbell has positively affected my life in many ways. It has helped me to change the way that I think about life. It has empowered me to believe in myself and go after my dreams. In addition, it has helped me to find the peace and serenity to move on from past experiences. I’ve learned how to live in the present moment and ask for the things I deserve in life. By leading with joy and love, my life has become wonderful. – Kymberly, Community Activist

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I am enjoying learning from Dawna. I feel more grounded amidst the busy world we live in. My spirituality is more in-tuned to my God. Life is more meaningful. – Karen, Hospital Administration

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I could never go back to the way I lived my before. Instead of life “happening” to me, I now have the tools to “direct” my life in ways that are more peaceful and joyful, to myself and those around me. I have been to classes that “motivated” me to improve my life-but never have I been given the “tools” to change my life from day to day. I can now teach my son (and others) to heal any limiting beliefs or fears that dictate their lives in an undesirable fashion. Dawna continues to change my life in ways that I a discovering daily. Thank you Dawna! Shannon, Massage Therapist.

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