Creating a Life of Happiness

Happiness. Simple right?

Everyone wants happiness. We all have this ability to create happiness. But how do we obtain this happiness? I previously worked at a place where the owner asked you every time she saw you, “Are your happy?” My answers varied, based on the type of day I was having. Sometimes I said “mostly”, or “yes, but I would be happier if this was changed”, or my favorite, “80% happy today”, as if happiness could be quantified. I started asking myself why wasn’t I 100% happy? What do I need, want, or desire to become happy every moment? After hearing this question so many times, I started reflecting on my own state of happiness.

Everyday I took mental notes of when I felt happy, and when I did not. Mostly, I looked at my environment and saw the things that did not make me happy. In quiet contemplation, I considered what I needed to change around me, that would make me happier, and to have happiness every moment possible.

I focused my attention on what happened during the day that made me unhappy, and wanting to change those things. This is a very natural way to think. Here is what I learned. I discovered that I was focusing on the wrong thing – the unhappiness that I wanted to change. I was feeding myself the unhappiness, wishing, wanting it to change, creating more. Why did I do this? I was programmed and wired from people in my life, my environments, group conscious beliefs, and the media to be unhappy so I would seek outside of me something to feel happiness.

The secret? Happiness is never outside of you, but inside. When you focus your thoughts and energy on the things that do make you happy, you feed your self more happiness. And when you feed yourself more happiness, you become happier. Our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our physical emotional wellbeing. Toxic emotions such as anger, pain, and fear have a direct impact on you and limit your life of creating true happiness. By removing the subconscious blocks and beliefs in your life you can feed yourself more happiness.

With the ThetaHealing® technique, I have the ability to assist you in uncovering what patterns of behavior are creating the unhappiness and toxic emotions for you. Through the power of witness, instant change can happen leading you to live a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. Some areas where ThetaHealing can increase happiness are:

*Health: Increasing your overall wellness, dis-creating sickness and illness
*Wealth: Creating an abundant mindset, manifesting, and increasing prosperity
*Relationships: Attracting more love in your life, soulmates, family, and community
*Spiritual: Aligning with your life purpose, path, and direction in life
*Emotional: Releasing trauma and abuse, self-worth, knowing that you matter

ThetaHealing® is a powerful energy healing technique that can bring about instant change for yourself and others. By uncovering and releasing the belief programs that is the source of the unhappiness, we can then uncover what you learned, keeping the good emotions leading you to a life of happiness, prosperity, and love.

Happiness is the key to manifesting perfect Health, increased Wealth, and love Relationships. Schedule a ThetaHealing session today and experience more happiness for yourself!

Dawna Campbell has an international private practice where she works with clients in the areas of improving health, wealth, and relationships utilizing the ThetaHealing technique. She also travels as a motivational speaker and instructor sharing the techniques that she uses in interactive workshops. Her personal heart centered healing philosophy uses Universal Love Force Energy to create a happier world. For more information, or to schedule a session, visit her website at