Keep Calm
& Zen on the Subway

WOW! That is all I can say.

The New York City Subway.

Nothing, and trust me when I say nothing, compares to the New York City Subway. Now, I have been on a few other Metro systems before, in Washington D.C. and Portland, Oregon – even overseas in Budapest, so the concept of the underground railway system is not new to me. Just being in New York City alone is enough – but when you combine it with subway system…

How do you do it New York City? How do you stay on hyper alert 24/7 and keep your Peaceful Yoga Zen Meditation that you just came from? The sounds of all the sirens, cars honking, and people shouting is enough to frazzle anyone. Then attempt to walk down the street as if you are in control and appear like you know what you are doing??? And then you get on the subway!!!

I see you all with your ear buds in– attempting to look unaffected by your surroundings and trying not to pay attention– but the truth is you are always paying attention. You are all squished like sardines! So listen up here New Yorkers ~ what if I told you there some simple techniques that can allow you to keep your hyper alert focus and a natural state of blissful peace and being-ness?

Since you already have those ear buds in, a simple thing you can do is change that station. You got it! Change that station to promote theta brain waves. All you have to do is search “theta brain wave music” in your music account and the selections will magically appear. These theta brain waves are the same ones that you accessed while in your Yoga Zen Mediation. The best part is that these brain waves will keep your Zen Yoga Meditation going by promoting harmony, balance, and peace.

Another simple way to promote healthy theta brain waves is through scent. (I will refrain from commenting on the “natural” smells of the subway). Lavender essential oil when dabbed on your temples, wrists, and under your nose will also keep triggering these theta brain waves into relaxation for you. Don’t forget, breath deeply after you put on the essential oil from your bag.

My personal favorite is a quick 20-second mind meditation. In this mind meditation, you have the ability to stay calm, centered, focused, alert and attentive to ALL of your surroundings without being in a state of chronic stress or worry. By utilizing this specialized mind mediation, you can instantly Keep Calm and Zen on the Subway, a skill that will last you a lifetime. Welcome to the ThetaHealing® technique, the sweet spot of the two intersecting worlds the New York City Subway and the Peaceful Zen Yoga Meditation.

Dawna Campbell travels as a motivational speaker and instructor sharing the ThetaHealing® techniques that she uses in interactive workshops and retreats. She also has an international private practice where she works with private clients in the areas of improving health, wealth, and relationships. Her Personal Heart Centered healing philosophy uses Universal Love Force Energy to create the world a better place for all. For more information or to find Dawna’s event schedule