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Financially Fit Program – October 21-22, 2021

October 21, 2021 9:00 am
October 22, 2021 4:00 pm

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Do you have constant stress, worry and fear when it comes to money and having enough?
Would you like more wealth and prosperity in your life?
Would you like to create more abundance effortlessly to you?
If you answered YES! to these questions, the Abundant Money program is for you!

Happiness is the Key to Manifesting desired outcomes!

In this program, Dawna will teach you two very specific techniques to increase your energy vibration that she learned through her time at the Ashram (spiritual living community) and yogic healing. These specialized techniques will assist in unconditioning the mind to accept more money, abundance, and prosperity into your life. She will share with you how the subconscious works, where the inhibiting money patterns start, how you childhood trained you in attracting (or not attracting) your money supply, how you currently feel about money. Dawna will also reveal the secrets of the pivot and shift strategy that she learned from a Medicine Woman, what your saboteurs are, where they affect your energy body, and how to open those prosperity doors!

Day 1:
* Money is emotional, and 5 human emotions that influence our money
* Learn an energy vibration technique to increase your awareness and train your mind
* DiRT — Discover, Release, and Transform your childhood feelings about money and your current feelings
* Use your Level 1 Pivot and Shift Strategy taught to me by a Medicine Woman
* Group Coaching LIVE examples
* Custom Meditation Closing

Day 2:
* 2nd technique to have an abundant money energy and influence money
* Level II of the pivot and shift strategy
* Money Saboteurs — identify your personal inhibiting patterns
* Money Prosperity Doors — transforming into abundance
* More group coaching examples
* Custom Mediation Closing

The Abundant Money Program is designed over 2 days and customized for you! Each day you will learn an Energy Vibration Technique to increase your awareness and prepare your mindset ($197 value). You will also receive group coaching & mentoring on releasing subconscious energy patterns, how to release your money saboteurs, where are your hidden programs, and how to open those prosperity doors ($2800 value). At the end of each day, you will also have a personal custom meditation for the group ($1,000 value). As a special bonus, you will receive the worksheets ($497 value) and the 5 Secrets to Becoming Financially Fit ($197 value). The total value of this program is $4692.


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