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Online Numerology Class

There is an order to the universe, from every atom to the solar system. Everything in our universe is a result of vibration and frequency patterns. Numerology bridges the gap between our reality, how we create and manifest, to the vibrational frequencies that we are bringing in. We are all born at a certain date, hour, and minute into the earth’s field of energy. The conditions and vibrations of that energy field will characterize our entire lives. Numerology began when life began itself. In the beginning, there was 1. Then, as the vibrations increased, there were 2, the first pair. Our early history about the spiritual and scientific understanding of numbers comes from Pythagoras, the father of Mathematics. He discovered the mystical significance of numbers and saw in number patterns and geometrical ratios the explanations of all natural phenomena.

Numerology Online Workshop $98 (regular $165)
Join Dawna as she teaches this online workshop for you to follow along. With the course, you will receive a step by step customized instructional manual and additional support from her on her private FaceBook page. Discover the importance of numerology, what do all those numbers and letters mean, and the subtle energy that you send out. Pythagoras, the father of numerology, believed that you could change your destiny by change your name – and this has valid truth behind it. In this workshop, you will discover your life lesson number, your soul number, your outer personality, and your path to destiny. In addition, you will discover your challenge numbers, your personal year frequency, and a quick way to calculate your numerology by using triangles. Work at your own pace, and if you have a comment or question along the way, and Dawna will assist you along your journey.

Numerology Online Workshop Plus Individual Report $197 (regular $353)
You will receive the online numerology workshop PLUS your own personalized written numerology report. This report will give you the 4 personalized numbers, the Life Lesson, Soul Number, Outer Personality, and the Path to Destiny combined with Dawna’s intuitive ability and interpretation for you. Each report is hand calculated and customized for you and your unique soul print. Dawna will tap into your energy frequency along with the numbers to give you the most out of your numerology. This report will be emailed back within 5 business days.

Numerology Online Workshop Plus Couples Report $287 (regular $541) Best Savings!!!
This is an added special bonus that Dawna is offering. You will receive the online numerology workshop, your individual report, AND a report for your special person in your life. In addition, you will receive a special “Together” report, combining the number frequencies together to understand how you present yourself with your special person. This can be a partner or significant other, spouse, or child. Dawna will give the numerology numbers, and the intuitive guidance that comes along with creating your life with your special someone. This report will be emailed back within 5 Business Days.

Need more? You are always welcome to schedule a private session with Dawna to review and discuss your reports.

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