The Financially Fit Program


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6 Week Online Course with Dawna Campbell


The Financially Fit Program

Welcome to joining the Financially Fit Program with Dawna Campbell. We are excited to have you and joining us each Wednesday night starting April 7th at 4 PM PST/7PM EST.

Each week we will be going over a different Financially Fit topic, releasing outdated feelings about money that are conditioned into us and ending on creating our own Financial Affluence Story.

Each week is designed to offer guided self work using the principals in the Financially Fit book. The first 4 years are teaching the strategies to clearing the blocked energy that is stopping us from becoming instant creators in our life. The last two weeks are designed to bring in the energy of money simply from the changes that were made in the beginning. Each week builds upon the previous week, so it is imperative that you complete each week with Dawna. Each unit will have some time for additional questions. Dawna will offer a meditation if time allows.

Over the 6 weeks, you also get to have 2 complimentary (45 min) private sessions with Dawna. You can use this time for deeper self work and clearing, or for a deeper understanding of how the process works. The two private sessions must be used over the 6 weeks. Additional sessions or packages can be purchased for an additional fee.


Week 1: Introduction
– Explore the feelings and experiences of childhood about money
– Learn and utilize the pivot and shift strategy

Week 2: Changing the energy locks into positive cash flow
– Learn about the energy centers and how to unlock them
– Review the locks and what are the emotions that keep us stuck
– Going deeper in the pivot and shift strategy to get to the root

Week 3: Opening the prosperity doors
– Happiness is on the inside
– Learn the keys to opening the doors and what they feel like
– Going deeper into the pivot and shift strategy and becoming unlimited

Week 4:  Money, Power, and Sex
– Understand the correlation to how these work together
– How to use the Seat of Creation
– How to pivot and shift on the deepest levels freeing all blocked energy

Week 5: Purposeful Creation
– Learn about duality and triviality
– How the masculine and feminine brain works
– The manifestation and creation cycle
– Instant thought form creation

Week 6:  Money and You
– 4 sides to a quarter —how to program money
– Create your financial affluence story
– Discover your money motivation

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