The Real Shifter

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The Real Shifter

March 19-20, 2019
9 am to 6 pm
New York (Location TBD)

This is a 2 day business development workshop through personal understanding designed to help people reach limitless possibilities in a balanced and aligned state. Being unlimited, we have the ability to shift certain methods, our habits, to find a way to the life where you can use creativity, feel important, worthy, loved and supported. Everyone’s reasons are different to why we choose the way we live. As we discover this, we are able to bring possibilities in every area of life, from being an individual to forming and having a community. We have the ability to create a plentiful life. Our brain is an the most important processor to making decisions. However, understanding how this system really works, why we make the decisions that we do, we are able to shift our reality to having infinite possibilities and becoming truly unlimited.


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