ThetaHealing DNA 3


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ThetaHealing® DNA 3

This 5 day ThetaHealing Certification Course allows us to expand our conscious reality into the world, the universe, and the Creator of All That Is.  This course brings forth the knowledge and ability of how to move and change organic and inorganic materials.  With this knowledge, we are able to witness change at the mitochondria level of the cell, creating instant healing.  DNA 3 brings you the awareness that you can step out of the paradigm and bring into your reality that we are creating and manifesting what we are living.  In this course, you will learn how to harmonize the eternal molecules that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime.  Learn to release deep resentments, change water and the weather heal illnesses, telekinesis, create your future now, bi-location, and find balance in your element.  This course integrates personal healing with the healing of our planet.

Pre-Requisites: Basic & Advanced ThetaHealing, Intuitive Anatomy

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