ThetaHealing Game of Life


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Pre-Requisites: Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing.


ThetaHealingĀ® Game of Life
The Game of Life 3 day Certification Course is designed to unite Spirituality and Business. Learn a practical approach to belief work, free yourself from your parent obligations, release traumas, get accepted by society, handle peer pressure, and receive infinite abundance from your manifestations. Grow your business as you wish, get ready to succeed, and get excited about visioning and manifesting. This is a class that is a must have for anyone looking to enhance any aspect of their life. As you clear the blocks and limiting beliefs held in the subconscious, you can live the life of your dreams and create your own reality. Receive your manifestations easily and effortlessly as you go through a life transformation in three days.

Pre-Requisites: Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing.

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