I have always had an interest in helping other people. My path as a healer has taken me down many different roads. While I may have started as a Licensed Practical Nurse, my calling took me to a much different place as a Certified Hand Analyst. Being a Hand Analyst is a transformational life path for all involved, however; I had the knowing that I was meant to learn some other form of healing. When I was introduced to ThetaHealing® by Dawna Campbell, I had been praying for guidance regarding what that healing modality was. In one conversation I had the innate knowing that a Thetahealing class with her was the next step I was meant to take, and I was not wrong. ThetaHealing by itself has increased my connection to the Universe. It has allowed me to heal on multiple levels and increased my intuitive abilities. It has also reinforced my belief that all things are possible through the Creator. I will always be grateful for Dawna’s guidance during the multiple classes I have taken from her. She is incredibly knowledgeable, empathetic, intuitive, and someone I deeply admire. Sara Gasch – Montana

ThetaHealing is an amazing modality that teaches us how to go into a dream state and allow you to stimulate your body to heal, focus your thoughts, and create the world that you really want to create. With ThetaHealing, we find limiting beliefs that can prevent you from achieving and eliminate them and replace them with focused thoughts. Utilizing ThetaHealing, we can change with world with love and kindness.

ThetaHealing is designed to empower the individual to bring the Creator into themselves in order to release beliefs, instill feelings, and witness healings. Feelings, emotions, beliefs, and programs influence how we can behave and have dramatic effects on the body well-being. People come to ThetaHealing all over the world for many different reasons. Some come to learn how to improve their own lives, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Some come to learn to help friends and family members, while other come to be of service to the world.

Where to Start

The Basic ThetaHealing Seminar gives you the ABC’s of ThetaHealing, the basic building blocks. The heart of this seminar is the practice of the techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic, and soul beliefs. In the ThetaHealing Basic DNA seminar, topics include:

  • Learn why we create things in our life and what we learn from it
  • Witness a healing for yourself and others
  • Learn how to work with guides and guardian angels
  • Learn to create and manifest in your life
  • Seven Planes of Existence, the ThetaHealing philosophy
  • The Power of Connecting to the Creator of All the Is
  • Learn how to identify and change limiting belief patterns

The next step is the Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar. During this seminar, you expand your knowledge and learn how to clear old resentments and commitments that hold you back in life. You also learn several powerful healings and are filled will positive feelings and virtues. This seminar actually prepares your body and mind for learning and to become a ThetaHealing Practitioner.

If you really want to change your life, you need these two seminars. The seminars help you understand you, your body, and the beliefs that you carry with you, even from other generations and your ancestors. ThetaHealing is taught in layers due to the depth of the information being taught.

ThetaHealing Objective
The ThetaHealing Book, An Introduction to an Extraordinary Healing Modality, is a great place to start for working on yourself….but there is so much more to learn when you take a practitioner seminar. When you take the practitioner seminar, you get to learn and experience ThetaHealing first hand. The seminar gives you the ability to practice ThetaHealing with other people, and so much more.

Dawna Campbell is a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor and Practitioner with over 9 years of direct experience. The last 3 years she has also worked for the founder of ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal, in Bigfork, Montana. To learn more about the ThetaHealing seminars being offered, www.thetahearthealing.com or call Dawna at 406-272-6309.